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Attachments & Options

Attachments for the BTI Oversize Load Signs (OSL) are listed below.  If you have ideas for additional options not shown here, please let us know by going to our contact page and sending us an email with your suggestions.  How to Contact Us.

Part Number: 2183000072
Flag Holder Kit - BTI OSL Signs & Frames
These flag holders are designed to bolt on to the bottom of the BTI OSL sign.  The holder tube is designed to accept a 3/4 inch flag post, is 6 inches long, and oriented at a 45 degree angle with stainless steel thumb screws to hold the flag post securely in position. This flag holder kit can also be attached to the optional BTI Light Bar mounting brackets and allow the flags to be located on either end of the light bar in its center.  Constructed of steel and powder coated Black or Safety Yellow. Kit includes left hand and right hand flag holders and weighs 3.5 pounds.
Price: $35.40   Purchase

Part Number: 7258000021
Vinyl Cover - BTI OSL Signs
For those of you that requested a cover to protect your sign and for the others that requested a means to have a solid background for that state that doesn't allow light to shine through your sign, BTI has come up with a vinyl cover with the "OVERSIZE LOAD" lettering on both side. It slips over your sign from the top and attaches with Velcro on the bottom. It will not save you fuel if you run with the sign in its upright position, (and we all know what that is costing us these days) but it will prevent light from shining through. You can always remove it when you reach a state that allows you to conserve fuel, help protect the environment, and doesn't mandate that you drive with a sail on the top of your vehicle. Cover is Safety Yellow Vinyl with Black Lettering and weighs 5.0 pounds.
Price: $121.50   Purchase

Part Number: 2183000087
BTI OSL Sign Back Rack Mounting Brackets
The BTI OSL Sign Back Rack Mounting Brackets are used to mount the Oversize Load Sign to a Pickup Truck Back Rack.  Comes with pivot bolts for the OSL Sign, 3/8 inch clevis pins with 6 inch lanyard. See photo gallery for mounted pictures of Back Rack Mounts. Kit includes left hand and right hand pivot brackets and weights 6.5 lbs.
Price: $54.79      Purchase


Part Number: 2183000077
Strobe Light Mount for BTI OSL Sign
The BTI OSL Sign Strobe Light Mount attaches to the top rail of the Oversize Load Sign and provides a base for a magnetic strobe light. The Strobe Light Mount is a 3 inch diameter disk, 1/2 inch thick with mounting flanges and stainless steel hardware, powder coated black or safety yellow. Kit weights 3.0 lbs.
Price: $20.55      Purchase


Part Number: 2183000074
Light Bar Adapter Kit
The BTI OSL Sign Light Bar Adapter mounts to the luggage rack frames and provides mounting for the PSE Amber Light Bars shown on the Light Bar page. The Light Bar adapter also provides mounting for the optional flag holders shown above so that the flags are located on either side of the Light Bar (see photo in the photo gallery). The Light Bar Mount is made from 1" square tubular steel, and comes with mounting stainless steel hardware, powder coated black. Kit weights 14.0 lbs.
Price: $135.52      Purchase


Part Number: 4183000213
Mounting Tube - Plywood Sign Support
The plywood sign support mounting tubes can be used in conjunction with the BTI OSL Sign Back Rack Brackets to mount a plywood or other light weight sign to your truck's behind the window structure.  The Back Rack Brackets mount to Back Rack brackets and other behind the cab structures using 3/8 inch hardware. Tubes are sold separately and are powder coated black. Each tube weights 2.0 lbs and is 20 inches long with pivot and pin holes to mount to the brackets and 5/16" mounting holes at the top 8" apart.
Price: $11.07ea      Purchase

Part Number: 3183000003
Aluminum Oversize Load - Letter Set of 2 pieces (front & rear)
Aluminum laser cut letter coated with safety yellow and black powder for a long lasting and durable weather finish.  Letters are powder coated black on one side and are made to mount back-to-back on the BTI Oversize Load Sign frame as a replacement or add them to your own sign frame.  Letter details bolt together with #10 stainless hardware included in the kit.  Letters are 10.5 inches tall and 57.5 inches wide.  Letter kit weighs 10 lbs.
Price: $180.26      Purchase